Wedstrijd tegen Engelse Voetbalschool

Donderdag 7 Juni worden er in Biervliet 2 wedstrijden tegen een Engelse Voetbalschool gespeeld. Het gaat om de school Oasis Academy Oldham. Er worden wedstrijden gespeeld van de U13 & de U15. Speeltijden 18.00 hr. Komt allen!
Een beschrijving van hunzelf:
"Oasis Academy Oldham are bringing two football teams over to Holland, a mix of U12 and U13's and a mix of U14 and U15's. Our U13 has some good quality players. Not many of the team play for teams outside of school, but they are naturally good at sport and play all sorts of sports like rugby and handball. Our U15 team have a lot of decent players in the side. Most play for local teams in the Oldham area. The one player who is playing with a club of any interest is Kane Badby who is on the books at Oldham Athletic who play in the second division in England. He hopes to make it as a professional one day! Overall I would say that at whatever level the teams will be competitive and all will give 100% in each training session and game whilst on tour!"